9520 cover 

David’s latest CD. Pictured with composer Fred Lerdahl


Today, Friday September 27 2019, will be David Starobin’s birthday. I don’t know what gifts he will receive but I certainly thank this very busy man for all the gifts HE gave us, guitarists, especially all his recordings. Talking about recordings, do you know how many he has recorded ? The answer is presently 67 recordings listed in my CG computerized discography of amazing, mostly First World Recordings to listen to. I do not know of any North American guitarist that has recorded more. My personal favourite Starobin recordings (and discoveries) are Henze’s Carillon, récitatif et masque, William Bland’s Nouveau Rag, as well as many pieces by Crumb, Jemnitz, Kolb, Lansky, Lennon and others.


So for all this hard work, thank you David and Happy Birthday !