guitar-play-guitar-musical-instrument-song-bookThese covid times find many of us reflecting about the future (of humanity, music, the guitar…), so I was wondering how the younger generation of guitarists were doing, and to which point they are absorbing the legacy of repertoire written specifically for their instrument.

So, these posts are concerned by a selection of young guitarists that recently (2019-2020) recorded their first solo album of original music for the guitar. For each artist, I will give a link where one can listen to excerpts of their recent Cds. Enjoy your listening !


For this seventh and last post, I will finish with:


Mostly Contemporary recitals (3) :


Mostly contemporary British music (played by Sam  Cave) :–refracted-resonance-contemporary-music-for-guitar


Mostly contemporary Danish music (played by Jonas Egholm):–educate-s-pieces-for-guitar


Mostly 19th Century European and Japanese music (Laura Husbands Tanaka) :