Photo courtesy of Classical Guitar Magazine

Yesterday, Monday November 21, 2022 my CG Computerized Discography (started in 1985) reached 20, 000 recordings. Today, I simply want to honor Agustin Pío Barrios (1885-1944), the famous Paraguayan guitarist, composer and teacher. Barrios started recording 78 rpms as soon as 1913. As a composer, his discography, has reached an incredible 1513 recordings with 87 recordings having Barrios as the only composer represented. His music took the Guitar World by storm and is clearly with us to stay. 10 of his pieces are part of the Guitar’s TOP 100 most recorded original pieces for the instrument. This feat has only be equalled by Francisco Tárrega. ¡Gracias Barrios! Now that I have reached 20, 000 recordings, my next project will focus on making the discography available on the net and allow anyone who wants, to contribute. The guitar’s legacy is too precious to let it be forgotten. Thank  you!