Enrique Robichaud is a Canadian musicologist that has researched and compiled a database of classical guitar recordings during the last 27 years. This unique computerized database of more than 10,000 recordings (comprising more than 4,000 guitarists and 6500 composers) allows him to provide the precise figures that form the basis of his forthcoming book: Guitar’s TOP 100. Classical Guitar’s most recorded music with recommended CDs and more. Foreword by Graham Wade.

Enrique can be reached at enrique.robichaud (at) gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Your book looks fantastic Enrique, many congratulations.

  2. Eduardo Romero said:

    Hi there, some months ago I read on the April issue of CGM a review of your book guitar’s top 100…, and later on, on the November issue also of CGM, I read a very interesting article about you and the book, so for me as a classical guitar aficionado and amateur classical guitar player, I enyoy everything related to the classical guitar world so let me tell you this book of yours looks very interesting , my question, how can I get a copy of this great book?
    Thank you


    Eduardo R V

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