This post is about favourites. Cds that I often listen to and give me repeated pleasure. Cds that I would absolutely want to bring on a desert island. I decided to share 3 with you. They are all played with plenty of charm, passion and inspiration. Which ones are your own favourites?


1- Giuliani’s Opuses  19, 25 and 52

Kazuhito Yamashita, (guitar)/James Galway, (flute)/ Joseph Swensen, (violin)/ Elizabeth Anderson (cello)

RCA (BMG Classics) • 09026- 60237-2 • 1992

Excerpt of Op. 52 : I Andante sostenuto



2- Guido Santórsola’s Sonata a duo No. 1 (1962) : II Lento (here played in concert)


Lars Karlsson (guitar)/ Michael Ljung (guitar) [Duodecima] [Sor Op. 54bis, Duarte Op. 32, Petit Toccata]

Opus 3 • OP 8201 • 1982



3- Laporta, Isidro de (1750-1808)

Guitar Trio No. 3 in G major, Op. 1: II. Rondo: Allegretto

Luca Trabucchi (guitar)/ Manuel Guillén (violin)/ Pierluigi Ruggiero (cello) [Trio Concertando] [Trios by Laporta and Antonio Ximénez (1751-1826)

Hungaroton • HCD 32615 • 2009