Photo courtesy of Atma classique


Yesterday, April 8, 2020, my CG Computerized Discography (started in 1985) reached 17, 000 recordings.


The 17, 000th CD I entered was 14 Histoires de guitares [14 Guitar Stories] by  David Jacques. This experienced guitarist has an enviable discography of 40 Cds. For example, he previously presented the complete works of Robert de Visée, then Antoine Carré as well as Rémy Médard, all works played on Baroque Guitar.


This time, his project is a celebration of guitar making, specifically 14 historic guitars, built between 1665 and 1972. This includes the last playable Alexandre Voboam Baroque guitar (c. 1665). The recording venue, the church of Saint-Benoît in Quebec, Canada, is the perfect setting for this crisp and lively recording allowing each guitar to be presented in its best light. A 39-page, lavishly illustrated booklet, presents repertoire (34 pieces) that is superbly played and presents a mix of better known names (Giuliani, Sor, Sanz…) as well as lesser known ones (Nemerovsky, Arcas, Castillo, Marien, Shand, Pratten etc…). So thank you David for this magnificent CD!