Today’s post is dedicated to John William Duarte (2 October, 1919 – 23 December, 2004). 2019 was his 100th birthday year. This occasion was appropriately celebrated in 2 magazines :

Classical Guitar (USA) Fall 2019 Paul Fowles « Celebrating the Centenary of Jack Duarte » pp 42-43

Soundboard December 2019 Al Kunze « John W. Duarte : A Centennial Appreciation » pp 35-37


To my knowledge, his discography has now reached 217 recordings.


I found 5 recordings entirely devoted to the British composer’s output:

Smith, Neil  (1984)

Blaha, Vladislav  (2001)

Goni, Antigoni  (2001)

Pesaresi, Liliana (g) / Trabucchi, Luca (g) [Duo Chitarristico Waldner] (2006)

Larson, Swede (g)/ Nordvik, Amber (soprano) (2013)


His TOP 6 most recorded pieces are the following :

English Suite No. 1, Op. 31 (1963-65) To Andrés Segovia [49 recordings found]

Variations on a Catalan Folk Song Canço Del Lladre, Op. 25 (1956) [24 recordings]

Sua Cosa, To the memory of Wes Montgomery, Op. 52 (1972) [19 recordings]

Idylle pour Ida, Op. 93 (1982) (Hommage à Ida Presti) [dedicated to Alice Artzt] [11 recordings]

Birds, Op. 66 (1977) [Written for Robert Brightmore] [9 recordings]

Five Quiet Songs, Op. 37 (1968) (originally dedicated to Julian Bream and Peter Pears) [8 recordings]


Interestingly, Al Kunze mentions the pieces by Duarte that should be recorded more or at all. Among these is the monumental Variations on a french nursery song, Op. 32 (1965-66) [To Ida Presti and Alexandre Lagoya].


I found only 5 recordings of this masterpiece (Kunze’s word) that clocks in at almost 20 minutes. So thank you for your beautiful music John Duarte and I hope many serious duos will take up Op. 32, it’s about time!



Sources :


Enrique Robichaud Computerized Discography (presently at 16, 915 recordings)