On February 13, 2019 my Classical Guitar Computerized Discography (started in 1985) reached 16, 000 recordings. The 16, 000th CD I entered on that day was A Salon Operaby Flauguissimo. This ensemble is a Flute and Guitar Duo featuring guitarist Johan Löfving, and flutist Yu-weiHu,recorded by Resonus Classics(RES 10233).


Furthermore, Flauguissimo plays on period instruments, an 8-keyed wooden flute (Grenser replica) and an original French guitar (ca 1850).


Two flute and guitar pieces stand out for me on this CD: Francesco Molino’s [71 recordings] Nocturne Op. 38 [only 9 recordings found] and Mauro Giuliani’s [949 recordings] Grande Serenade, Op. 82 [only 10 recordings found]. Among the solo pieces, Fernando Sor’s Op. 9 variations is, of course, the TOP 5 most recorded original piece for guitar.


Congratulations to all!