Guitarist, teacher and composer Dilermando Dos Santos Reis  was born on September 22, 1916. Next January 2nd, 2019 we will be celebrating Reis’ 42nd year of death (1977). According to Brazilian guitarist Gilson Antunes, Dilermando Reis left us with a legacy of dozens of recordings spanning from 1941 to 1973, including the first recording of Radamés Gnattali’s (1906-1988) Concertino No. 1 (1951) in 1970.


The composer

According to Brazilian expert Ivan Paschoito, Reis would have written around 120 pieces for guitar. His output, a mix of infectious rhythms and touching romantic melodies, has yet to be recorded entirely but I still located 63 different pieces on disc including by Reis himself.


The Reis discography doubled in the last five years, reaching 148 recordings. This, surely thanks to many well-known artists that decided to champion his works. Among these are the Assad brothers, Paulo Bellinati, Nora Buschmann, Oscar Cáceres, Ricardo Cobo, Ahmed El-Salamouny, Gabriel Estarellas, Shinichi Fukuda, Matt Palmer, Marco Pereira, Alexander-Sergei Ramírez, David Russell, Maria Livia São Marcos and Xuefei Yang.


The most recorded pieces

A strong contender to the TOP 100 list of most recorded original pieces for guitar, Se Ela Perguntar has been recorded 86 times! Other favourite pieces include Xôdo da Baiana [35 times], Uma Valsa e Dois Amores [23 times], Doutor Sabe Tudo [19 times], Eterna Saudade and Magoado [17 times each].



Ivan Paschoito