Recently, Guitar and cello duets seem to flourish everywhere. However, it is not a new occurrence since the release of the album «A Jacqueline Dupré Recital» back in 1963. Doesn’t ring a bell? Guitarist John Williams accompanied cellist Dupré in Falla’s Jota from Canciones populares españolas. A husband and wife team followed suit in 1965: Barbara (guitar) and Jan (cello) Polášek. Cello and guitar teams developed, leaving transcriptions behind to play new repertoire for this combination. This year only (2017) I located 18 cello and guitar recordings among which 5 Cds of Gnattali’s Sonata for cello and guitar. Here is a discography of the most popular original works with their numbers found between brackets (and Merry Christmas to all readers!):

Gnattali, Radamés (1906-1988) [170]

Sonata for Cello and Guitar (1969) [29]: I Allegro comodo • II Adagio • III Con spirito


Bogdanović, Dušan (1955-) [162]

Quatre pièces intimes (1997) [13]:

I Prière • II Mouvement • III La harpe de David • IV Chant


Zenamon, Jaime Mirtenbaum (1953-) [59]

Reflexões No. 6 (1986) [10]: I Fluido • II Doloroso • III Vivissimo


Ourkouzounov, Atanas (1970-) [49]

Tanzologia (2000) [5]: I Contempotango • II Valse slave • III Bulgarian Rock


Baumann, Max Georg (1917-1999) [6]

Duo op. 62 (1958) [4]: I Prélude • II Invention • III Berceuse • IV Hommage à de Falla