My work as a discographer consists in gathering any information I can find on classical guitar recordings, of course, and include it in my computerized discography (13, 600+ recordings). For this, I rely a lot on the Internet and I must say that it is sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse. A blessing, when I find very complete information about the composers, titles, times, guitars played, etc. A curse, when on such important websites as,, and many others, I rarely see the names of the composers associated to their pieces.

I then have extra work: listening to the pieces to identify the composers or find the email of the artists and ask them. If I am lucky someone answers my letters, if not…

Sometimes I wonder if in ten or fifteen years from now, people will remember at all who composed Recuerdos de la Alhambra, Torija or Campanas del Alba (Tárrega, Torroba, Eduardo Sainz de la Maza) or if everything, in that future musical limbo, will just be one big streaming tune. So, if you are a recording artist, please help us to keep the guitar’s tradition alive: make sure to include the complete info on your own website first and, if possible, elsewhere too.