For the first time ever, Guitar’s TOP 100 lists the most recorded and beloved pieces for classical guitar with three recordings recommended per piece. Guitar’s TOP 100 also suggests 455 further gems of the guitar’s repertoire with one CD recommended per piece. In Guitar’s TOP 100 you will find precise figures (existing number of recordings) for each piece and each composer mentioned in the book. Find facts at your fingertips and explore the guitar’s incredible legacy: amazing repertoire for solo guitar but also beautiful music for duo, trio, quartet, chamber music and concertos that will move, entertain or challenge you!

In Guitar’s TOP 100 you will discover:

• A grand total of 555 pieces

• 200 top-notch performers

• 175 composers from the Renaissance era to the present day

• Names of more than 90 instrument makers that built the marvelous instruments used for the recordings

Information on each of the TOP 100 pieces

• A composer index

• An instrumentation index presenting the guitar in duo, trio, quartet, chamber settings and with orchestra

• An artist index